Unsafe canning methods
Don't risk it,  leave it in the past.

“But my grandmother always did it this way”

Canning methods have come a long way since grandma's time. Yet, some canning methods are still being used that are not considered safe anymore.

unsafe canning methods

If you are using home canning recipes handed down from your mother or grandmother… be aware of the safety issues.  

Now I can just hear some of you saying.... that the USDA is just being overly cautious.  I truly have considered that issue.

Maybe they are....  I decided for myself that my peace of mind is worth the small amount of effort to abide by the suggested procedures.  You have to decide too.  

Remember, you can’t see, smell or taste botulism. It is not a risk worth taking.

Open Kettle Canning

In this method hot sterilized jars are filled with hot food. The seals and lids are placed on the jar an the food is allowed to cool. This usually creates a good seal, however, while placing your food in the hot jar, the food is exposed to air and the utensils used to transfer it into the jar. Even during this short time, your food may become contaminated. While you have food that is sealed, it is not necessarily sterilized. Spoilers may have entered your jars.  

I know women who do this with their Jam recipes and Jellies. They would probably roll their eyes at me.  They have had no problems….yet.  

I have been tempted to try this method. After all they didn’t have any problems……..

However, every time I think about it, I’m uneasy. I decided to take the extra step and process using the suggested recommendations.  I LOVE peace of mind. Why take the chance? The added effort is minimal.

Oven Canning

Oven processing is another unsafe method. This involves processing the filled jars in the oven.

Ovens are not consistent enough to be sure they reach the heat level needed to kill botulism.

Oven temperatures may vary.

The dry heat produced in ovens does not penetrate the jars as quickly.

Heat circulation is not the same in an oven.  

Other Unsafe Canning Methods

How about processing your jars in a dishwasher? ….no not safe.  

You can use the dishwasher to wash your jars and keep them warm before packing, but it is not safe to try to process food packed jars using a dishwasher.  
How about adding aspirin to your jars?  Nope… NOT safe either.

Decision Time

You have to decide for yourself.  

As for me - canning safety is family safety.  


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I have attempted to share safe preserving methods. However, I make no promises. You alone are responsible for your health. Be aware of current safety recommendations.
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