canning macaroni dishes.

by Irena
(Rome. Ohio)

Can we can dishes like commercial companies do.
I am an experienced canner but I thought you might know and it would save me the time experimenting with this.

I'm thinking things like spaghetti, ravioli, Lasagna, mac and cheese, etc.


Hi Irena

I don't believe it would work to can anything with a pasta product. You'd have to pressure can it because of your other ingredients and the pasta would turn to mush.


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macaroni dishes
by: Irena

How do the commercial canners do it?

Sharon answers:
Irena ,

I did a search and contacted my local extension service to see if they had any ideas. But no luck.

I really don't know how they do it. Maybe they have a special pasta that they use or maybe they start with the pasta uncooked. When I asked my local extension they came up with the same ideas.

Unfortunately we are both guessing.

The only information I can find is that it should not be done.

Sorry I am not of more help.


Yes you can
by: Anonymous

(Sharon's disclaimer - this is an anonymous comment so I can not confirm the safety of the instructions. I've found nothing official for doing this at home. If you do find a USDA site that has tested this and has recommendations regarding canning pasta, please let me know... I'd love to try it!)

You CAN can pasta yourself. It is not difficult but, like the commercial caners you will need to make sure it is high acid (they add flavorless citric acid) but using a red tomato sauce works just as well.

The trouble is measurements must be exact and that depends on the size of container you are canning in. you nee 25% pasta, 33% water and the rest a high acid sauce. The water bath for 30 minutes. The dry pasta cooks while you are water bathing it.

ONLY smaller shapes work easily, long noodles must be broken to the height of the jar and lightly coated in oil first or they just clump up, and you need to carefully coat each strand completely to avoid that. Smaller shapes bubble up in the sauce and stay separate on their own.

If it is not at least as acidic as strawberries, I'd say add citric acid to be sure it is acidic enough to be safe water bathed, pressure canning does indeed turn pasta to mush.

Home canned lasagna
by: Anonymous

When Iwas a child we lived in Bloomfeild,NM for awhile. I had a friend whos mother and grandmother canned lasagna(as good as any I'veevery eaten.) I don't know how they did it, but I know it can be done! Some people don't like to share their knowledge.

cooking pasta
by: April Tracy

I realize that they say canning pasta is a bad idea but as a young homemaker I canned goulash with pasta without a problem. I precooked my pasta just a bit and left two inches from the top of the jar and never had a problem. Back then there was no internet and I never accepted no as an answer. I used the timimg for beef because that took the longest time in canning.

canning pasta
by: sunnyfm

I am 69 years old and canned for the first time in my life this month. I didn't know you weren't supposed to can pasta and I canned 12 quarts of goulash. I cooked the goulash as if I were making it for supper and then canned it. We opened a jar of it the next week and it was awesome! I used my pressure canner and timed it for the ground beef.

going to try canning mac and cheese
by: Kim W.

so Im going to give it a try, Ill get back to you with results..

Sure you can
by: Anonymous

Canning pasta does not turn it to mush. I can homemade noodles all the time. Getting ready to can mac & cheese.There are a lot of things you would think a pressure canner would turn to mush but it surprisingly does'nt.The noodles i can are also fully cooked. (left overs). my mac & cheese i will only half cook because i'm not making for supper,making it to can. I also know someone that puts mac in their chili and cans it.The homemade noodles do clump together if to many are packed in.

Canning spaghetti
by: Anonymous

I canned spaghetti in pints for my husband to take to work for lunch (you can eat just so many cold sandwiches).

I cooked the spaghetti till it was limp, curled it down into the bottom of a wide-mouth pint jar, added sauce on top then water to the 1/2 inch line. Pressure canned on 10 lb for 90 minutes as needed for the sauce. I was a newbie and guess I didn't know any better. He loved it.

Saved a ton of money on lunches. Never did get mushy. Kept great on the shelf. I also canned pintos in pints for his lunches. We both really felt good about always having something to put in his lunch.

Lasagne sauce?
by: Kirsten

I have always been advised of the taboo of canning noodles and was wondering... could I mix my meat, cheeses and tomato sauce together and can that? Then I am all ready to just layer with noodles and throw in the oven.

Kirsten, You can mix the meat and tomato sauce and can that. Then layer your sauces, noodles and cheeses when you are ready to cook.

THis is the recipe I use for the sauces.

by: Anonymous

If you put the noodles in raw would that help as far as the noodles not over cooking as bad?

Macaroni to Mush
by: Anonymous

Verified - the pasta - even dry pasta added at the last minute - turns to MUSH. Completely yuck. Don't know how commerical products are prepared, but we canners sure could use that know how.

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