Canning Kielbasa

by Roberta
(Covington, Georgia)

I love Kielbasa links. I know that they are already cooked and only need to be prepared in a recipe.

I was just wondering if there is a way to pressure can them. On one side of my thinking is that it would be so kool to have kielbasa on hand at all times.

The other side of the coin, would pressure canning reduce the quality and texture of the kielbasa.


I have not tried to can Kielbasa. I think it would be safe but as you said the results may be less desirable. I would think that some of the fats in the links would cook out too much and the flavors might not be the same.

The only way to know for sure is to try it. Do one jar full and then do a taste test.

If you do let me know how it turns out.

Anyone else ever canned kielbasa or similar sausage type meat?

I've been thinking of trying breakfast sausage. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have for biscuits and gravy breakfasts!


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by: Roberta

Had another thought on this. Do I need to add some kind of liquid to the jar?

Canning Kielbasa and Sausage
by: Anonymous

I have canned kielbasa, sausage and hot dogs. It was a request of Mr. Man and a science project.

My cautions are:
1. Use good quality fresh product
2. Do not over fill jars. The liquid will hold fat from the meat and if it gets to the lid the lid will not seal.
3. The results tasted just fine.
4. I recommend the product be cooked and heated thoroughly before eating.

So go forth and can away! If you make your own sausage meat try canning it without the casing. I will look like hamburger. This canned sausage is wonderful turned into sausage and gravy on biscuits!
The Frugal Fraulein from

by: Anonymous

Be sure to cut the kielbasa into uniform slices so the heat will penetrate the meat during the pressure cooking process.
The Frugal Fraulein

Canning sausage
by: Lois

I remember my grandmother and mother canning sausage. They formed it into patties and pressure canned it. The grease cooked out and the patties became smaller. It's been a long time but I think they sometimes fried the sausage patties before canning them. Can't remember exactly.

by: Anonymous

I have canned kielbasa in links and in slices. The rule with canning meats is raw meat-no water, cooked meat -chicken some kind of liquid. I canned in in qt jars with a light broth in a pressure canner (all meats,veg and low acid foods) at 10the lbs of pressure for 90 minutes, pints for 75 min.

The kielbasa tastes like it has been boiled, like when you cook it with cabbage. I didn't think it degraded in quality at all. Been canning for over 30 years and have canned fish, sausage, beef, pork and fowl. Watch bexarprepper on youtube or ironhead41. They can it all. Bexarprepper gives wonderful explanations on the rules of canning.

When you are canning, basically trying to preserve food for sitting on a shelf for what could be years,you must take great care and know what you are doing or it could be dangerous.

Once you get it, you'll do great and come up with your own delicious recipes. My fav is the cream of poblano soup i canned. Good stuff! Happy canning!

Widowed Prepper
by: Donna

I canned sausage in slices and used it in red beans and rice. I couldn't tell any difference. Gumbo was good also.

Looking for recipe
by: Mel

I tasted some canned kelbasa (sliced) with hot peppers and onions that some one had made. It was awesome. I would love to have a recipe to make this. I assume it had a vinegar solution in it. Has anyone heard of this??

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