Canning Jar lids , old rings

by Sandy

Is it okay to use old rings, as long as you have new lids?


Yes you are ok re-using the rings. The rings may get rusty after extended use but they will last for years. Especially if you do not store your jars with the rings on.


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New Use for Old Lids
by: Roberta

I have really gotten into this whole canning thing-once i got over my ancient fear of the pressure cooker blowing up. lol. I am always careful to never to reuse the lids when I can. New lids, old rings.

I got a terrific deal on some trail mix at WalMart and wanted to see if I could use the jar sealer that comes with my vacuum machine. I fill the jar with my trail mix, put on an old lid and ring, and then place the mason jar inside the vacuum sealer jars. Works like a charm.

What would normally have been stale chocolate chips, ultra-dried hard fruit, and rancid nuts, were as fresh as the day I vacuum sealed them. And yes, the seal was very difficult to break open.

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