Canning Honey

by Judi Pendley
(Elk Grove, Ca.)

Canning Honey: I have an opportunity to purchase a large amount of honey. Can I can it or just put it into jars and store it on the shelf?

Sharon -------------------

Canning honey is not needed. Honey will last indefinitely. You can just place it in jars and store it.

After a period of time the honey may crystallize. It will get thick and no longer clear. Simply heat the honey and it will go back to it's original state.

Place the whole honey container in a pot of hot water and let it warm up.

I use a stock pot and place my gallon sized jug of honey in it and fill with water.

Canning with honey as a substitute for sugar is an alternative.

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canning honey
by: Anonymous

I have always brought it to 110 degrees and pack in hot jars. It may not be necessary but it prevents it from crystallizing on the shelf

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