Canning Ham and Beans

by Nancy
(Diamond Mo)

I have been canning ham and beans. This time I accidentally canned a bone in with the ham and beans. Will this harm the product?

Hi Nancy,
I am 90% certain that your product is ok. That is assuming you followed all other correct canning procedures.

I am going to double check with my extension service to be 100% certain of my answer and will get back with you.

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first time to try
by: Anonymous

do you have to cook the ham first or do you just put it in the beans before you pressure it.

Canning ham and beans
by: Tamara

From what I've read, you shouldn't can beans (along with pasta or rice, barley, etc). My book says to can the sauce or broth, and add those just before serving. I just made a huge batch of chili (without the beans) and read to add the can of beans when I want to eat it. What is true?

Tamara, you are right in not canning pasta, rice, barley but you can can beans. You just need to use the proper methods. Here is the page where I show how to can dried beans. This page does not include the meat, just beans.

accidently left a bone in?
by: Anonymous

Canning with the bone in requires less time than without the bone, so your product is over-canned, & safe to eat.

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