Canning cream sauces

by Phil Kennard
(Whitesville NY.)

Is it ok to can my home made potato soup and Alfredo sauce?
Hi Phil

Unfortunately the USDA states: "Do not add noodles or other pasta, rice, flour, cream, milk or other thickening agents to home canned soups"

Since I assume your potato soup or alfredo sauce will have cream or milk and be thickened I can't recommend it as safe.

However what you can do with the potato soup anyway is go ahead and can it without the dairy and then just add cream or whatever when you cook it to eat it.


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Putting up Potato Soup for Storage
by: Anonymous

I myself have dried potatoes for potato soup and celery and onions--I just have to reconstitute them and add powdered milk or canned milk--whatever u have and butter and salt and pepper--whatever u use normally..

canned milk?
by: Anonymous

How can they can evaporated milk?


Sharon answers:

This is another case of a commercial product that is prepared in completely different circumstances than in a home kitchen. I can only assume that they have specialized equipment that will do the job.

How do the big boys do it?
by: Eric

Really wish I could find info on exactly how cream sauces and pesto are commercially packaged.

Canning Milk
by: Anonymous

They are not heated in the cans as home canned products would be. The cans are pre-sterilized and then sterile cream sauce is added to the can and sealed in a sanitary environment. UV lights or other sterilizing methods are often used to keep the area sterile. The product can not be canned in the jar because it is too thick and therefore even heating can not be guaranteed.

Canning Potato Soup - bad idea
by: micki

I recently had an overabundance of potatoes and ham. Since I love potato soup I figured I would try canning some to deal with the extras. Being new to canning I decided to research first. After several hours spent reading the same basic information I decided not to risk it.

Recent studies have said that canning any milk based product makes it a breeding ground for botulism. So basically home canning my soup would just be canning poison for my family.

Taking risks is always a personal decision but in this case I really wouldn't advise it.

What about Mayonnaise?
by: Anonymous

I want to get rid of all our condiments and replace them with homemade ones. Can I can salad dressings and other things that have mayo in them? Thanks!

using canned evaporated milk in recipe instead of milk
by: Hannah

Do you think it would be safe to use canned evaporated milk to thicken a soup and then pressure can the soup for storage?

Sharon's answer.

Canned evaporated milk is still a dairy product.... so no I would not risk it. Just add it later when you open your jars to serve.

perserving cream based soups and chowders
by: Anonymous

You can always portion freeze soups even with evap or whole milk.

Just stir well while heating in a sauce pan on low or microwave... that's what I do works great in a really go freezer can keep 3-6 months.

Canned Potato Soup
by: Anonymous

We have been canning potato soup for two years now. The soup is fully cooked then put in sterile jars and canned. We have had no problem with spoilage and we have never gotten sick in any way from eating it. It does contain cream.

Alternative "alfredo" sauce
by: Anonymous

My husband and i recently found a cauliflower based Alfredo-like sauce that i Wonder if i could can. It has almond milk, cauliflower, zucchini, oil, garlic and butter and hard cheese is optional.

I know dairy is an issue; can i can with the butter or hard cheese? If not, I could just add them later. I mainly want to can it because i don't always have fresh veggies on hand.

I would not can it with either the butter, cheese or almond milk. I also would not know what to recommend as far as processing time. Your best bet would be to contact your extension service.

Non-dairy canning
by: Ashlee

I make an alfredo sauce using cauliflower and almond milk, no dairy involved... Do you think I could pressure can this?? Thanks so much!

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