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Canning boneless, skinless chicken breasts

by Roberta
(Covington, Georgia)

Frequently, I come across great grocery deals on boneless and skin less chicken breasts. Perfect I would think for pressure canning. I am totally confused as to the process for pressure canning chicken.

Does the chicken have to be cooked first before placing in the canning jars? Steamed, baked, boiled?

I have heard of folks plunking the chicken breast into a jar, adding some broth, and then go on to the canning process.

Just wondering if you can add some words on this

Roberta in Atlanta Georgia

Comments for Canning boneless, skinless chicken breasts

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Canning Chicken
by: Sharon

Yes it is true you really do can your chicken raw.

You do not need to add broth although you can if you prefer. Not adding any liquid was the hardest thing for me to get used to when I first started canning meat.

Add cut up chicken to your jar. Add salt if desired. Place your lids and process in a pressure canner.

I am glad you asked this because it made me realize I don't have a canning poultry page. I'll try to get a more thorough page loaded with pictures the next time chicken goes on sale here.

Raw Pack Chicken Breasts
by: Mitchell

I agree with Sharon, all of my meat I can raw pack method. Of course unless I want chicken and broth, beef and broth etc.

I just put the whole raw breast in the jar, a wide mouth pint I find will take about 1 1/3 to 1 1/2 breasts, then I put 1/2 tsp salt on top and process in the pressure canner.

I have made some really good chicken salad from these breasts.

Canning Meat
by: Sara

I find if you can get Chicken tenders on sale they are the easiest to can. All you do if stuff your jar with raw chicken and process. It is one of the first things I canned and it is still the easiest.

I also have found that if you are doing beef, london broil works the best. I always ask the butcher to cut the meat for skewers or stew. It saves me time on cutting the meat myself.

Canning Chicken Page done! (finally)
by: Sharon with Simply Canning

Hi just thought I'd let you know I did finally get a canning chicken page done. Step by step directions with pictures. It is for either bone in or boneless. I hope this helps

Canning Chicken.

Finished Product?
by: Anonymous

Hi Sharon,
You forgot to add a picture of a jar that's been processed.


Hi there, I've added a picture for you. Thanks.


what about canning ground beef & tuna?
by: Jan

do you or anyone else have canning directions on ground beef? I also do tuna every year.

Jan this page I show canning venison ground because that is what I have available to me... but it works for beef as well.

Canning Ground Meat

I've never canned tuna. But here are some directions.

Canning tuna

by: Anonymous

No one has said how long canned chicken will last? One year ,, two years???

USDA Recommends using home canned foods within a year. Many folks will use things longer than that.

Personally, I try to use up most meats within the year.

Veggies I try to use within the year, but I certainly don't throw them out if that date passes. I just make a note that these jars need to be used up and put them in the front of my cupboard.

Jam and Jellies will last several years. (in my opinion)

canning chicken
by: Lynn

Hi, can you can cooked chicken like a rotisserie chicken and then put in the canner? Thank you

Sure you'd just can it with the same directions as as usual. Even though it has already been cooked you still need to process it the same time as raw chicken.

shelf life
by: Laurie

I raw packed home grown non-hybrid green beans that were edible 7 years later. :-)

Hi Laurie, yes everyone has their own comfort level in how long they keep food. :) I assume by raw pack you also pressure canned them. I want to clarify that because terminology gets mixed up sometimes for new canners.

Be sure and pressure can your green beans! :)

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