Canned Meat and Fish

by J9

How long will canned meat and fish last stored properly? Do they last longer in the jar, cooked or raw before canning? thank you!


USDA recommendations are that home canned foods should be used within one year for best quality.

Since the meat is cooked in the jar itself, a raw pack vs a hot pack does not affect how long the jars last.

My personal opinion is that properly canned foods will last a couple of years. Please note: this is my opinion. This is one of those areas where you are responsible for your own personal decision.

Keep in mind that after the first year the foods will start loosing color and nutrition. So there is really no point in canning more foods than you will use in that time frame. But life happens and sometimes we have leftovers. I don't toss that food we just eat it as we get to it.

I have had questions regarding using foods that have been canned 20 years ago. They apparently ate them with no side affects. But I think that is FAR to long! I would NOT eat foods canned that far back.

I hope that helps you make your decision.

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Canning meats
by: Robert

When canning meat, some of the jars after the process is complete, end up with meat above the broth line.
Will this effect the life of the product, and should it be eaten?
These meats are precooked that are in question.


This happens in my canned meat also. We eat it with no problems.

Keeping canned meat
by: Lynn

I keep canned beef, venison, and chicken under a bed in the dark. We;ve eaten cold packed roast beef that was canned four years ago (got lost against the wall under the bed!) and it was still flavorful with good texture.

Canned fish
by: Tracy

My canner only went to 5-7 lbs pressure but the jars of fish stayed in canner for well over two hrs at this pressure. Is my fish safe to eat?

Tracy, no I would not eat those jars of fish. Unless they get to the correct pressure they may not have reached a high enough temperature to be safe.

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