Beets - How long can canned beets be stored.

by anonymous

I have home canned beets from 2006 and 2007; are they still safe to eat????


The official USDA recommendation is that canned products be used within one year.

However this is a debatable topic. The nutrition levels will start declining but many people do use their home canned foods longer than that.

If you choose to eat them just be very sure that the seals are still sealed, and the food has no off odors or funny colors.

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How long will canned foods last
by: Ken

The two links above will show documented cases of canned (Pressured caned) meats and other foods to have lasted more than 100 years. These foods were tested in a lab and found to be perfectly fine to eat.

Now personally I don't think I'd eat 100 year old meat and surely would never give it to my family. But I wouldn't hesitate based on the extensive research I've done to open and serve a 10 year old Mason jar of meat. This assumes proper sealing and lack of foul smell etc.

As for high acid foods I believe one year is the norm.

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