Ball Blue Book

It is pretty widely accepted that the Ball Blue Book is THE canning book for beginning canners. It is often referred to as the "Canning Bible" I'd pretty much agree with this. It should be on every home preservers shelf of resources.

The Ball Blue Book

Before all the canning equipment and all the food you want to preserve, the Ball Blue Book or the Ball Complete Book of Preserving is one of the first things you should get for your recipe bookshelf.

Make sure the books date is not more than 10 yrs old. These will have the most recently updated safety information.

These canning books have all the basics and safety information and many many recipes as well.

Chapters include

  • Learning About Canning
  • High-Acid Foods
  • Soft Spreads
  • Pickled Foods
  • Low-Acid Foods
  • Special Diet
  • Something Extra (condiments, spreads and salsas)
  • Freezing
  • Dehydrating
  • Planning Guide

With sections on common problems, a glossary and index this is a thorough book.

There are MANY Other home preserving food books.

Canning, Dehydrating, Root Cellar Storage and Freezing. For more home food preserving books go to Preserving and Canning Book Reviews

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