Antique Canning Jars

Antique Canning Jars.... I love anything vintage or antique, especially kitchen items. However, they should not be used for canning.

Old Canning Jars or Vintage Canning Jars

I like to display a few vintage jars that I have on a windowsill. The sunlight looks so pretty coming through the colored glass.

antique canning jars

When I say don't use antique jars for home canning, I don't mean just old canning jars. Many of my jars have been used for many years. They are old and that is ok as long as they are in good condition.

The ones I am talking about are vintage or antiques. The collectibles with wire bails and glass caps. Bubbles in the glass. The really pretty ones!

They are great for decorative use. Fill them with pasta or dried beans for your kitchen countertop. Add potpouri for your bedroom or bathroom.

Fill them with gift items and give as a gift. Fill them with homemade cappuccino, or someones favorite nuts or make a soup in a jar gift.

But don't stick them in the pressure canner! I just would not trust them.

E-bay has some pretty canning jars available. Also watch at yardsales and second hand stores. You never know what you might find.

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