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Antique Canning Jars

Antique Canning Jars

Antique Canning Jars.... I love anything vintage or antique, especially kitchen items. However, they should not be used for canning.

Using old or vintage canning jars for home canning.

Is it a good idea to use old canning jars or vintage canning jars for home canning?

Personally I would not use antique jars for canning. Some jars that are old are just fine though.  In fact some of the old ones are nice thick jars and seem sturdier than even new jars.    

When I say don't use antique jars for home canning, I don't mean just old canning jars. Many of my jars are ld have been used for many years. They are well used and that is ok as long as they are in good condition.

The ones that you might be more careful with are vintage or antiques. The collectibles with wire bails and glass caps. Bubbles in the glass. The really pretty ones! 

They are great for decorative use. Fill them with pasta or dried beans for your kitchen countertop. Add potpouri for your bedroom or bathroom.  Fill them with gift items and give as a gift. Fill them with homemade cappuccino, or someones favorite nuts or make a soup in a jar gift.

Set them on a windowsill and let the light shine through.  

But don't stick them in the pressure canner! I just would not trust them.

Antique Jars as Decorations

Antique Jars make beautiful decorations.  The jars you see above on the windowsill are jars I've picked up in various auctions, yardsales, estate sales.  I have more than what you see there.  I love placing them in my windows for the light to shine through.  That is the extent of my craftiness though.  

There are many people more artsy than me that have made wonderful decorative pieces from antique canning jars.  One of those people is from Treasure again.  She makes Solar Jar Lights.  I have 3 hanging in my garden.  

They are sooooo pretty.

I first saw these jars on Etsy when I noticed some pictures of her “lanterns” I call them lanterns because that is what they reminded me of.

What Treasure Again does is find these beautiful antique and vintage jars at estate sales, auctions, yardsales or where ever. She then cleans them up and makes beautiful solar canning jars lights. Put several jars together in a vintage canner rack, add some hangers and you have a pretty outdoor chandelier. Add all types of other vintage items to create lovely (exquisitely lovely) pieces. You really should take a look at her Etsy site if you think these are the least bit pretty…. you’ll be amazed at the creativity and designs there.   Really.

Just so you know…. She does not render them unusable. She just adds lids and makes them pretty for use as lights. If you wanted to you could remove the lights, and they are regular canning jars again. No canning jars are injured for the sake of prettiness. (I know some of you are concerned about that.)

Best of all they are solar powered, they don’t use any electricity, and are so gorgeous out in my garden. The lids need to be in full sun to power up all day… they light up automatically at night when the sun goes down.

I got a wide mouth lid and a regular mouth too. The regular mouth one I put in a quart size vintage jar that is a pretty blue color. I have one vintage wide mouth jar but the lid didn’t quite fit. The jar rim is kind of messed up and chipped. All my other vintage jars are narrow mouth so I just used a new wide mouth jar that is a short stocky shape. They are both really pretty.

The wide mouth lid light is noticeably brighter than the narrow, so I’ll be on the hunt for a wide mouth blue or green vintage jar.

I know I could buy one of the new blue jars… but I don’t actually like the color of those nearly as well as the “real” green/blue in the vintage jars. I think I’m the only one I have ever heard of that doesn’t just LOVE the new blue jars! I mean I like them fine….. but, the color is nothing compared to the blue in the antique jars, especially the ones with the bubbles in the glass.

So Pretty! I love mine and wanted to share these with you. Treasure Again …… check it out.

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