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All American Pressure Canner

The All American Pressure Canner is a a top of the line canner. You can't go wrong buying any of the models available.

I own both the Presto Pressure Canner and an All American 921 Pressure Canner.... and I have to say both are good canners. However if I had to only have one.... I do think the All American is the way to go.

They are a bit different from other canners in the way they work. Other brands of pressure canners use a rubber gasket in the lid to form the air tight seal.

The All American Canner however does not have such a seal. It uses a screw down clamping system that fits the lid to the body of the pot metal to metal. This forms the seal that allow the canner to come to pressure.

These canners have same features as other canners as far as safety features. they have an overpressure plug and vents to release pressure

A dial gauge allows you to monitor the pressure reached during processing.

The All American comes in several model sizes. The smallest holds 4 quart jars. This is the smallest size recommended for pressure canning. The largest is a giant! It will hold 19 quart jars! This would be for the serious canner.

Models and sizes available.

Model 910

Will hold 10 1/2 quarts of liquid. It will hold seven pint jars or four quart jars.

Model 915

Holds 15 1/2 quarts of liquid, ten pint jars, or seven quart jars. This is a standard size that allows for single layer processing. 

Model 921 

The canner I own and love. This canner holds 21 1/2 quarts of liquid. The canner is tall enough that pint jars can be double stacked. Thus it will hold 19 pint jars, or seven quart jars. 

Model 925

Holds the same number of jars as the 921, but can hold up to 25 quarts of liquid.

Model 930 

Will hold 30 quarts of liquid and up to 14 quart jars.

Model 941 

The largest All American Canner. This huge canner holds 41 1/2 quarts of liquid, 32 pint jars, or 19 quart jars.

Reader Reviews

I have read a lot of reviews of the All American Pressure Canner. They are overwhelmingly positive.

The only complaint that I have noticed mentioned on more than one occasion is that the lid is sometimes hard to remove after processing. Almost always if someone mentions this problem there are several responses stating that they have had no problems and suggest lubricating the lid with oil. This prevents the lid from sticking.  

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